Past Student Feedback

Arthur Martelli – at Central Huron Secondary School

My host family is amazing! I loved all the time that we spent together! I think they completely changed my exchange program, making it a thousand times better!

Glena Vaz – Mitchell District High School

Don't be shy about where you came from. People will love you for who you are and try to do this experience the best ever because time flies.

Sthefany Gomes – at Goderich District Collegiate Institute

I liked going to Canada so much, the school was amazing, and I felt so happy to make new friends and have the opportunity to study abroad. Goderich was a great city to stay in, especially with the view of the sunset on the Lake Huron, and to know about the native’s peoples history and arts.

Gustavo Oliveira – at F.E Madill Secondary School

I enjoyed going out with friends, and my host family. We visited other cities such as Stratford, London, Toronto, Clinton as well. I think the best part of my experience was to learn a new culture, the food, traditions and theatres. To be a part of drama classes, Biology, and especially with excellent teachers. The Prom and plenty activities of the school are the best too.

Nanami Imanishi - at Goderich District Collegiate Institute

You should keep smile and say hello to everyone even though you don't know them. It helps them to remember you. Also, it's good for you to initiate the conversation, Canadian students are kind, but they don't help us without our asking. The most important thing to get wonderful experiences are talking positively for me. To do so, you
can attend some club activities. I actually made some friends by attending jazz band club.

Louis Amice – at Stratford District Secondary School

Classroom is fun and not like in France after school I play with my host sister, I go to the park and play with her friends very often too.
Text: Feedback time! Here's what past international students told us about their experience. Graphic depicting black and white head shots of several international students on multicoloured backgrounds. Names beside images: Glena, Arthur, Sthefany, Gustavo, Nanami