Student Profiles

Nora – Goderich Collegiate District Institute

Nora lives with her host family in Goderich, Ontario, and gets to experience living in a beautiful and quiet lakeside community while being less than a 3 hour drive from Toronto. Its the best of both worlds! Nora is from the big city of Frankfurt, Germany, and wanted to study for a semester in Canada. She had only two conditions: the high school must have a good field hockey team and it must be in a town that experiences really beautiful winters. GDCI offered her both and she is extremely happy with her choice.

Mattheus – Central Huron Secondary School

Mattheus was a student from Brazil who attended Central Huron Secondary School. His love and passion for the arts, specifically the Trombone, helped him understand the world around him and overcome a lot of the initial fears that come from living in a different country.

Rose – Mitchell District High School

Rose, one of our international students from Thailand, attended Mitchell District High School and had a truly amazing experience. She greatly improved her English speaking capabilities, made a ton of new friends, AND she excelled in badminton; a sport that was just a casual hobby back home. Living in a foreign country is already scary enough but she went a step further and enrolled in competitions and really stepped outside her comfort zone.