iCase Baseball Academy

iCase Baseball AcademyiCASE stands for the International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence A place where training is part of the daily curriculum. This allows our student-athletes to lead a more balanced life and participate in other extra-curricular activities or simply enjoy time with their friends.

Based in Stratford, Ontario, and in partnership with Northwestern High School, the Avon Maitland District School Board, and Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, iCASE is an opportunity for baseball players in their junior and senior years to develop their skills in an academic environment, led by a staff of world-renowned baseball coaches.

Baseball training is built into the daily curriculum in order to allow student-athletes to partake in whatever other extra-curricular desires they may have after school, or to simply enjoy time with their friends. Both on the field and in the classroom, the program delivered to each iCASE student-athlete will be groomed to their individual stage of development.

Physical and physiological assessments will be made at the beginning and mid-point of each year in order to individualize the iCASE student-athletes’ strength and conditioning program, using Sport Canada and Baseball Canada LTAD guidelines to target strength, power, flexibility, balance, endurance, recovery, and body fat reduction.

For more information please visit the iCase Baseball Academy Website.