Homestay Services

Avon Maitland Schools Canada provides quality educational programs for both Canadian and international students in Southwestern Ontario. International students will experience the unconditional support of our program staff and the genuine hospitality of Canadian home stay families. Our staff will help guide students in their academic program, studies, introduce them to local students and encourage them to join after-school activities. Our bilingual staff will help students adjust to life in a new land and ensure parents are informed of their progress on a regular basis.

Why Choose Avon Maitland Schools?

  • Provide international and Canadian students with the opportunity to share academic, social, cultural and recreational activities
  • Customized short-term programs created in consultation with overseas clients
  • Highly personalized academic and social support services
  • Safe and nurturing home stays and guardianship services
  • Frontline support in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Avon Maitland Schools Canada believes that every international student requires proper support and caring guidance in order to succeed.
  • We are deeply committed to the academic progress as well as social and emotional well-being of each student